Conquer Quarterly Taxes Course

Conquer Quarterly Taxes Course

After Conquer Quarterly Taxes, you will…

✔️ Determine whether you need to pay quarterly

✔️ Calculate the amount to pay in

✔️ Reduce the likelihood you'll pay penalties

Module 1: Are You Affected?

Learn what quarterly taxes are, why they exist, and how the work. Also use the guidance in this module to determine if you need to file quarterly taxes based on your unique situation.

Module 2: Calculating Quarterly Taxes

Discover the three ways of calculating quarterly taxes, the pros/cons of each option, and when someone might pick one option over the other. Further guidance provided to determine which option is best for you. After that, you have access to spreadsheets with walkthrough tutorials on how to utilize those spreadsheets for each of the calculations. These spreadsheets are the exact spreadsheets I use for myself and my clients.

Module 3: Payments & Penalties

You've determined if you need to pay and how much you should pay in - now what? This module walks you through how and when to make the payments required. The larger part of this module focuses on penalties and what happens when you don't make the payments required, your income is uneven throughout the year, and more.

Module 4: Moving Forward

Moving forward covers how your quarterly taxes relate to your annual filing and touches quickly on recordkeeping in relation to your quarterly taxes.

BONUS: Self-Employment Taxes

Learn everything you need to know about the most surprising tax that self-employed individuals face at tax time. It directly relates to why you may be interested in paying in quarterly (or why you may now be required to pay in quarterly). A calculation spreadsheet is also included to help calculate what these taxes look like for you.

BONUS: Corporations

Not everyone has a corporation, but everyone has a chance of being affected by quarterly taxes. The bulk of this course discusses situations that apply to all US taxpayers; whereas this bonus module touches on quarterly taxes as it relates to corporations.

BONUS: Resources

Not only will various resources be trickled through the course in the form of flow charts, quizzes, spreadsheets, and more; but this sections has a specific set of resources. My favorite being the quick reference guide so that you can learn some basic terminology, find the numbers I refer to on your tax return, and more (updated yearly!). Also some frequently asked questions that I receive compiled in one location and some useful links to learn more, pay your taxes, and more!

10 Modules

Current Year Calculation Tutorial Videos

What you will need to get started:

  • Your prior year tax return
  • Your up-to-date financial information
  • HRAWR CY Calculations Spreadsheet
  • HRAWR Quick Reference Guide
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